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About D P Logistics (Pvt) Limited

D P Logistics (Pvt) Limited, covers the entire spectrum of services in logistics and supply chain management solutions, including Transportation, 3rd party logistics (3PL), warehouse management, and Freight Forwarding. Our steady experience in the complexities of Freight Management, and our access to a comprehensive network of global agents, give us the reach to offer truly international multimodal transportation solutions.

As the global economy continues to face difficult challenges, businesses are compelled to adapt. We respond swiftly to meet these challenges and support our customers with personal commitment and proactive solutions. This has made us the preferred partner to Sri Lanka’s leading local and multinational organizations.

Our Legacy Gives Us Wings to Fly High

We are a member of the David Pieris Group of Companies, one of the largest conglomerates in Sri Lanka. It comprises over 21 companies covering sectors such as Mobility, Finance, Leisure, Racing, and Organic Agricultural Export. We are proud of our shared DNA of unwavering professionalism and our undisputed financial stability and operational strength.

How We Keep You Ahead of the Game

  • Taking You from Research to Results

    We take the time to study and understand your business. We identify and target your pain points, for which our expert team develops and implements smart logistics solutions.

  • Invested in Our Own Assets to Support You

    Our assets give us better control of every step in the process. Accessibility, scalability, increased speed-to- market, and cost savings are the end results which we pass on to you. From a comprehensive fleet of vehicles, specialised and modified for individual requirements, to our own warehouses in multiple locations, we continue to invest in our own assets to support you.

  • Uncompromising Safety, Security, and Quality Management

    Reliability and safety are the hallmarks of our service. We comply with global standards in quality management and maintain stringent controls. Our commitment towards safety and security, round-theclock trouble shooting, and digital tracking ensures a smooth and uninterrupted service, so that you have complete peace of mind.

  • Rely on Us. We are Fully-Insured

    We are comprehensively insured, with freight forwarders liability, public liability, security of goods and money in transit, general fire cover, all risk cover for contractors, and any other on demand. You rely on us, and we leave nothing to change.

  • Technology to Make Better Decisions

    Cutting edge technology and innovation drives our business, ensuring speed, reliability, and accuracy. We use the latest Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) and Transport Management Systems (TMS). This advance technology provides our clients with seamless tracking, real-time stock management, process transparency, and accuracy, making your crucial decision-making process a lot easier.

  • Sustainability Initiatives to Make Things Better

    At D P Logistics, we are constantly looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint and, with this in mind, one of our prime actions has been to maintain a Euro 3 emissions standard across our entire fleet of transport vehicles, as well as our off-road machinery. We use solar energy to power many of our warehouses and other facilities and, wherever possible, rely on natural lighting for our workspaces. Rainwater harvesting is actively practiced too. We are mindful of our responsibilities and we are constantly on the lookout for opportunities to make things better.