Enhancing the Company’s regional presence, D P Logistics (Pvt) Limited recently opened its latest warehouse complex at the Manufacturing Complex of David Pieris Motor Company (Lanka) Limited in Ranna.

SCommenting on this, DP Logistics Manager (3PL) Chaminda Dissanayake said that this was part of its latest project to change its operating model.

He further said that the new warehouse complex at Ranna in the Hambantota District will be used for the distribution DPMC’s Bajaj genuine spare parts and accessories in the Southern Province.

Accordingly, this operation which was previously carried from the warehouse complex at Bandaragama will be able to operate more efficiently from Ranna while minimizing the cost. For example, Bajaj Genuine spare parts outlets in Matara had been supplied from Bandaragama but now they can be delivered from Ranna more quickly and at a lower cost. He went on to say that this was the first phase of the D P Logistics programme to establish warehouses throughout the country and the next warehouse complex will be set up in Dambulla with the experience gained from this project and Bajaj genuine parts will be distributed in the Northern and Eastern Provinces through this warehouse complex.