DPL Logistics played a key role by transporting 30 numbers of Jet Skis from Colombo to Jaffna and back to Colombo for the “Fun Run – Jaffna,” a unique watersports event hosted by Debug Auto Exclusive (DAE) recently. This fun filled event, patronized by a high-profile business clientele, included riding jet skis to Kakerativu, Delft Islands and the Jaffna Lagoon to visit various points of interest coupled with many other activities as well.

This daunting undertaking by DPL also involved identifying suitable and safe locations to load and unload these very high value Jets Skis.  The Jet-Skis were transported in six (06) flatbed trucks of DPL and a specialized team of people along with a boom truck were part of the transport convoy. The latter was used to carefully take the skis on and off the trucks and place them in the water. The team was provided with basic training to face any potential emergency during the transportation and the entire overnight journey was monitored via GPS from Colombo.

The service provided was rated well above satisfactory by the client who went one step further and arranged for cake for the transport team as a gesture of appreciation. They have also given DPL the assurance that they will continue to use their services in future too.